Apps for Nook Color:
Turn your ereader into an Android tablet

The best thing about the Nook Color (in addition to the fact that it's a great ereader) is that Nook Color functions like a tablet with all kinds of free apps, cheap apps and apps for kids. It's on the Android platform, so all things are possible.

hot-apps.jpegHot Apps for Nook Color: Barnes & Noble does a great job now of identifying which apps are selling like crazy. Click the Hot Apps link or image to visit the page.


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6 of the Best Apps for Nook Color

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Find out what everyone else thinks on the "What's Hot in NOOK Apps" page. Also, Business Insider published a nice list of the best apps for Nook Color. You can see their recommendations on the "best apps" page.

Best Free Apps for Nook Color

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Go beyond the ordinary and find some of the best free apps for Nook Color. You'll capture the power of its Android platform and your Nook Color will perform like the Android tablet it is.

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Great Apps for Kids

Nook Color has got to be the best thing ever invented for plane trips and long car rides. Check out all the great Nook Color Apps for Kids here, or click on the images below to view by age group.

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516-fDehYLL._SL500_AA300_.jpgCases and Covers for
Nook Color

The best accessories - cases, covers and more - are at View the top Nook Color accessories here. (Plus, you'll find terrific prices on used Nook Colors.)

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Game on.
Amazon introduces the Kindle tablet!

I know a bunch of readers who LOVE their Kindle eReader. (What's not to love? The Kindle eReader is the best of the bunch.) Amazon has now introduced an Android-based tablet, the Kindle Fire -- similar to the Nook Color from Barnes and Noble -- and directly competitive with Apple's iPad.


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Cases and Covers

2-Year SquareTrade Warranty

Why buy a Nook Color?
7 great reasons:

  1. Nook Color is color. Magazines and apps look great.
  2. Nook Color supports video and Flash.
  3. Download (free) books from your local library with Overdrive.
  4. Nook Color is an android tablet, but works perfectly as an ebook ereader. (Hence, the name the "Reader's Tablet.")
  5. Access email and the web from your ereader.
  6. Android platform means android computing, android apps ... in short, an android tablet.
  7. And, because you can get support and more at any Barnes & Noble store.

The best reason to buy a Nook Color?
One word: apps.

The $250 Nook Color just became the best value in the tablet world, as Barnes & Noble adds apps, email and a Web browser capable of Flash video.

-Wilson Rothman
 MSNBC's Gadgetbox

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